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What are "Spätzle"? Historic storys Soup Small Big

Let me offer our best "Western bavarian Specialities".

The primary point of our cooking

is to have delicious and selfmade meals for everyone. The ingredients for all our meals are almost bought freshly and around our village. Grandma does the cooking with real love, so the people who ever tried our cakes can not stay away from them anymore. Although the translation of our meals is not really easy, I will try my best to give you some helpfull suggestions for your order.

Here are some examples for your meal at the "Alte Roggenschenke":

Feel the warmth and happiness of our freshly made soup

You can order it with:

  • Pancake strips
  • Dumplings made from fine mashed pork (we say 'Brät-Knödel')
  • Dumplings made with pork-lever
  • Lever spätzle
  • formerly made for special occacions, but now you can have it every day:

  • Wedding Soup : A mix of Brät-Knödel, Pork-lever dumplings and strips of pancakes

Whenever you read of Spätzle

this means a special kind of noodles, made in a way only the swabians do it. To almost every meal we offer our special made salad from potatoes, it is made fresh each day, but not with mayonnaise, it is made in a way----you will be surprised!


Wienerle (a pair of sausages made like hot dogs) with bread
Wienerle with potato-salad
Spätzle with gravy
Yes, you can order chips

Chef's suggestion

Every day you can enjoy:

The favourite meal in this area are Brät-Würscht

(do you remember the Brät-Knödel?) It is formed as sausages without skin and quick boiled. Then we fry it softly in a pan. You will get it with fresh mixed salad.

  • Schnitzel with chips and salad
  • Cordon bleu with chips and salad
  • Zwiebelrostbraten--fine Roast beef with gravy made from onions, spätzle and salad
  • Roast beef with Wedges and a butter made from garlic and herbs
  • Sirloin steak from the pork with mushrooms in gravy, garden vegetables and croquettes
  • In the nearby mountains of the alps the people love to eat spätzle with some hot cheese, the traditional "Kässpätzle"

  • They are a meal for themselves
  • or you can order them with a Sirloin Steak and Pepper-gravy or with our Zwiebelrostbraten
  • You do not fancy meat? You can try out our vegetarian meals:

  • They are all served with a fresh mixed salad
  • Vegetarian Schnitzel (made from mixed vegetables) with chips
  • Potpourri of Spätzle with carrots, broccoli and mixed mushrooms

Today we have sunday? So you can order our traditional made Sunday roast from pork, but be carefull, it is made in a different way you may know it from your home. We serve it as Schweinebraten with Spätzle and salad Hunters roast pork with mushrooms in gravy, Spätzle and salad Bavarian roast pork with gravy made from darkbeer, dumplings and red cabbage You fancy some salad: Try out our salad-variations with ham and boiled eggs or with fried chicken-breast. each of them served in a small or large plate Each wednesday we serve a variety of the best self-made pizzas. You can choose from the following toppings: mushrooms, ham, pineapple, Salami, green peppers, mixed garden vegetables, onions, garlic

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In the year 1670 built ordered by the monastery. Since the first days it was been a guest-house. All people loved its charme and urigkeit. Sogar in 1769 the bavarian Robin Hood, "Der Bayrische Hiasl", visits with his crrowd this house and laughs about the police miliz (Some years later he is divided into four by horses) The last ten years we renovierten this old ruins and found the original painting at the gable! With this bewildering red points. About 1955 there was a great conversion of this building and they made some mistakes: So the roof was sinking a little bit and the walls become bellied. But what will we do? What is inclined lasts inclined.